The Small Handbook On Herbal Medicine



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  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Prologue.
  • Basic ways of making herbs.
  • Herbs and their evolution through human history.
  • Healthy nutrition from the point of view of botany.
  • The main foods to avoid.
  • What do we recommend to eat?
  • Healthy diet (general instructions).
  • Personal experiences through the world of herbs.
  • Herbs and remedies.
  • Diseases and herbs.
  • Alphabetical index.


Nature, as we often emphasize in the lessons, is magical and our body also follows a natural wisdom and harmony.

By providing it with Natural methods of healing and restoration, we empower it and connect it even more with the primal wisdom with which God created us.

Herbs are the priceless gifts of Nature to man. They reconnect us to our essence in a natural way.

This happens every time we stray from moderation, every time we burden ourselves with the modern way of living, stress, plastic food, unhealthy toxic everyday life.

So all we have to do is allow and return to naturalness and trust ourselves to the great doctor, Nature.